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5/30/06 11:24 am - yoyoyo

im still alive. myspace has taken ova.

2/17/05 01:37 pm

if you wanna hang out.

1/11/05 12:41 pm

today is my day off.
ive got a toothache from hell and one of those nice lil migrains that make you keep your head ON the pillow all morning.
aleve is setting in though. thank god.
we are hitting happy hour today.
working the rest of this week.
so im taking advantage of this day off.
so is my migrain.
out for now.

1/7/05 05:08 pm

hm. so. yeah. um.
well honestly i logged onto my live journal b/c i had something to type.
hmmm. maybe it was something like.
happy new year to everyone.
live it up.

1/3/05 01:50 pm - good.

all is well & beyond.
its the new year, lets see how differently the course goes from last.

12/27/04 08:37 pm - 27th

christmas was good.
nothing more to say.

12/23/04 07:42 pm

so christmas is in two days.
christmas eve in less than 5 hrs.
excited? a little, i mean who isn't excited about the holidays.
my significant other is away until the 28th.
bummed a lil'
but ill live.
im off for the next two days. will be nice to have that time to myself.
*hold on, brb gotta go grab a beer from the frig*

k. much betta.
you know, i didnt ask for anything for christmas and that always makes you wonder what youll get. im not really a materialistic person anymore, i just really enjoy the holidays. the whole christmas thing, the movies...the music..the warm fuzzies. lol. yeah that.

the house is so quiet without everyone here.
last night i got home from work @ 4ish, hit the sack at 7ish and was out by 10ish. actually nice relaxin and not going out. but i do miss people. certain ones. but.. the 28th will come soon enough.
merry christmas everyone. i hope all is well.

12/20/04 03:26 pm

id drive all night to get to you.
is that alright?
nothing can move me the way that you do.

12/14/04 01:08 pm

ive had this fetish with cooking lately. although i dont use receipes. lol. i more or less like to make up my own ingredients and it ends up turning out decently about 80% of the time. this morning i cooked myself some cheese eggs + onions + green peppers + some cajun seasoning + a few jalopenos + hot salsa. as horrible as it sounds it was quite tasty.

this evening i have two christmas parties to attend. one for one of my jobs and the second for the other of my jobs. i cant believe its christmas already. where did the time go?

anyhoo. im thinkin.... naptime. peaceout4now.

12/4/04 04:14 pm

01. name: mandy
02. d.o.b.: jan 21 1983
03. location: myrtle beach, sc
04. religion: n/a
05. occupation: bartender

01. hair: brown w/ red highlights
02. eyes: brown
03. weight: 132
04. height: 5'3

01. clothing: depends how i feel
02. music: anything
03. make-up: eyeliner
04. body art: toooo many

01. wearing: plaid pj pants, American eagle hoodie and red slippers
02. listening to: tim mcgraw
03. thinking of: what ill wear out tonite

01. bought: beer
02. ate & drank: nothing today food wise, drinking a beer now
03. read: L.L. bean catalog
04. watched on tv: football game

01. club or houseparty: either. variety is good
02. tea or coffee: unsweet tea
03. achiever or slacker: in the middle. lol.
04. beer or cider: beer all the way
05. drinks or shots: drinks and a shot or two..or three..maybe four. ha.
06. cats or dogs: cats
07. single or taken: extremely taken
08. pen or pencil: pen
09. gloves or mittens: gloves.
10. food or candy: food
11. cassette or cd: cd
12. coke or pepsi: neither
13. hard or mild alcohol: mild
14. matches or a lighter: lighter

01. kill: wow. no one
02. hear from: old friends
03. get really wasted with: anyone. lol.
04. look like: someone last night told me wynonna rider. BUT i was at the bar.
05. be like: me
06. avoid: no one
07. have sex with: umm..yeah...only her

01. touched: touched how? lol
02. talked to: her
03. hugged: her
04. instant messaged: my bro
05. kissed: her
06. what broke your heart: my mother

01. eat: different places
02. dance: at the club, in the shower, i dance all the time
03. cry: alone
04. wish you were: somewhere on the beach laying out

01. dated one of your best friends?: yes
02. loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: oh yeah
03. drank alcohol?: of course
04. done drugs?: unfortunately, yes
05. broken the law?: umm see above..drugs? lol
06. ran away from home?: uh. yeah.
07. broken a bone?: yep
08. cheated on a test?: yeah :(
09. skinny dipped?: yeah a few times ;)
10. played truth or dare?: yes
11. flashed someone?: nope.
12. mooned someone?: haha, yeah
13. kissed someone you didn't know?: yeah
14. been on a talk show/game show?: nope
15. been in a fight?: yup
16. ridden in a fire truck?: no
17. been on a plane?: yeah
18. come close to dying?: yeah
19. cheated on your boy/girlfriend?: *sigh* yeah
20. gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?: yeah
21. eaten a worm/mud pie?:
22. swam in the ocean?: yea
23. had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?: hell yeah
24. had sex?: of course!

01. a vegetarian?: nope
02. a good student?: in highschool, yes...college, no
03. good at sports?: i was ok
04. wakeboarding/snowboarding: yup
05. a good singer?: nope
06. a deep sleeper?: depends
07. a good dancer?: i have no clue
08. shy?: sometimes
09. outgoing?: depends
10. a good storyteller?: nah
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