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11/26/04 03:21 pm

Last Cigarette: 5 min ago
Last Alcoholic Drink: last night (good party :)
Last Car Ride: to eckerds 1hr photo
Last Kiss: few minutes ago
Last Good Cry: dont even remember
Last Library Book: high school. which i still have. lol.
Last book bought: Lake News
Last Book Read: Cold Mountain
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: damn. who knows
Last Movie Rented: Queer as folk seasons
Last Cuss Word Uttered: shit
Last Beverage Drank: diet mt dew
Last Food Consumed: jess's oreo icecream pie from last night. yummy!
Last Crush: same person im still with
Last Phone Call: regina
Last TV Show Watched: Laguna Beach
Last Time Showered: this morning
Last Shoes Worn: flip flops
Last CD Played: goo goo dolls
Last Item Bought: newspaper, 2 liter, and hair glue
Last Download: n/a
Last Annoyance: laundry
Last Disappointment: having to work tonite
Last Soda Drank: diet mnt dew
Last Thing Written: card for my girl
Last Key Used: backspace
Last Words Spoken: chopping wood is scary
Last Sleep: this morning
Last Ice Cream Eaten: in the oreo pie
Last Chair Sat In: right now
Last Webpage Visited: livejournal.com

11/23/04 09:39 am - try this.

You Are From Venus

You love all forms of beauty. You love dressing up and anything luxurious.
A social butterfly, you're incredibly popular and a great host.
You're known for your fairness and affection. And as a frind to all.
Careful though! You're desire to please may make you too willing to conform.
Be yourself. Focus on what matters to you. You'll be all the more popular for it.

What Planet Are You From?

11/22/04 04:50 pm - Thanksgiving

work is going so well.
partying is just a blast as always.
love life = complete.
friends, couldnt ask for any better.
all in all life is smooth..

11/18/04 01:54 pm - 20th

Happy Birthday Taylor. yay.

11/14/04 12:29 pm

last night was fun. not really any different from other saturday evenings, but it was fun as it always is.
the neighbor down the street thought it would be kool to purchase two roosters, letting them run wild, and crowing in everyones window at 6am each morning. who needs an alarm clock?
think im going shopping today.
then to the bar for the game.
who knows.
tata for now.

11/13/04 04:54 pm - to whom this may concern

karma is a bitch.

11/8/04 05:17 pm - gOOd nEws

got hired today as a headbartender.
new resturant in downtown Conway.
very very X's ten on the excitement.
tomorrow i fill out paperwork
& go in to help clean up the construction mess.
we open this weekend.
maybe one door does open when another shuts.
tonite we celebrate.
cocktails all around. YaY!

11/6/04 10:46 am - the.rain.drain.

i cant bear the thought.
"im sorry" seems to be stuck on replay.

i need to get out.
maybe sit on the beach with a hoodie & book.
i need to cry.
maybe ill take a nap in the hammock.
i need some time apart.
maybe a day or two.

i cant bear that thought either...

11/1/04 06:28 pm - exotic

bought a book today from Barnes & Nobles. Good so far.
even better with a warm blanket, a beer, and cuddled up on the couch.
ive had a lot of "me" time lately. which in some sense is nice.
ive learned to not waste it on thinking too much or pondering what isnt.
someone is knocking at the door. but im not moving.
ive got the lights off around the house. its silent. and ive scattered some candles. makes the evening at home alone lovely. relaxing...
i plan to get up at a decent hour tomorrow and spend the day as i did today.
looking for a job.. 13 applications in friday & 8 today.
its kind of interesting going into places/resturants ive always seen but never been in. those of us, which are few, that have gotten the opportunity to be born & grow up here in the town of myrtle beach, some would consider lucky.
i dunno though, mountains & snow would be nice. but im happy here.
good people all around.
endless party scenes.
and alot of everyone knows everyone.
anyways. gonna check out e-bay.

10/31/04 02:33 pm - just words.

all is running smoothly still.
7 months now.. and honestly its to my own surprise.
its just amazing the things, people, and places you run into when not looking.
lost my job, but in trying to be optimistic, theres others out there.
my words are short today.
just wanted to sit down and exercise my fingertips a lil.
tata 4 now.
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