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so christmas is in two days.
christmas eve in less than 5 hrs.
excited? a little, i mean who isn't excited about the holidays.
my significant other is away until the 28th.
bummed a lil'
but ill live.
im off for the next two days. will be nice to have that time to myself.
*hold on, brb gotta go grab a beer from the frig*

k. much betta.
you know, i didnt ask for anything for christmas and that always makes you wonder what youll get. im not really a materialistic person anymore, i just really enjoy the holidays. the whole christmas thing, the movies...the music..the warm fuzzies. lol. yeah that.

the house is so quiet without everyone here.
last night i got home from work @ 4ish, hit the sack at 7ish and was out by 10ish. actually nice relaxin and not going out. but i do miss people. certain ones. but.. the 28th will come soon enough.
merry christmas everyone. i hope all is well.
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